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Help Your Clients Leverage their Investments to Meet Unexpected Expenses.

A comprehensive LPaaS (Loan Platform as a Service) solution, DhanLAP offers financial advisors, consultants, and institutions the opportunity to ensure that your clients preserve their investments. With DhanLAP you can give your clients the access to a secured line of credit without redeeming their investments.

An end-to-end digital mutual fund loan processing platform, DhanLAP serves as a one-stop destination to apply for a quick loan by lien marking mutual fund units. A great tool for long-term retail investors, the platform ensures that your clients retain their investments by simply borrowing to meet short and mid-term needs. With DhanLAP your clients can borrow money without redeeming their assets, thus enabling sustainable customer acquisition management.

From link access to complete API integration on your website, the platform offers tailored solutions that will give your investors a seamless experience throughout their loan journey. With the single login access from your website to the loan processing platform, your clients can get a 360° view of their transactions and payment history. In addition, DhanLAP’s customisable dashboards provide a complete record of loan tenure and other crucial data that you and your clients can access anywhere, anytime.

Whether you prefer to partner with us independently or come on board as an institutional partner, we offer customisable solutions that can help your clients leverage their investments without choosing to redeem. To know how DhanLAP can help you build trust and expand your potential reach with your clients, talk to us today.

Brighten Your Clients’ Financial Future Give them the choice to borrow money while protecting their assets to meet long-term financial goals.

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Help Your Clients Lien Mark to Safeguard their Assets.

With DhanLAP you are guaranteed continuity. When there’s the option to raise money without asset redemption, you clients are guaranteed to hold their investment portfolio.

Help you clients look at the bigger picture. Give them the choice to borrow money while protecting their assets to meet long-term financial goals.

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We encourage your questions.

Here are answers to some top questions from advisors like you:

During unprecedented times investors choose mutual fund redemption to raise money.

DhanLAP enables you to help your clients preserve their investments by simply pledging them for a loan. By lien marking their investments your clients can hold on to their assets, while you continue to retain their portfolios.

With DhanLAP you can enhance your client relationships by helping them meet their long-term investment goals and build a better financial future.

The LPaas solution encompasses the complete loan processing ecosystem, from application, approval, disbursement to repayment.

With DhanLAP, investors are provided with an end-to-end automated platform that enables Digital KYC processing, Lien Marking Assets with RTAs (CAMS and KFintech), Digital Loan Agreement Stamping (eIPV, eStamping and eSigning), Loan Disbursement (directly from NBFC to customer bank account) and Repayment Automation (eMandate (eNACH).

On completion of loan tenure and repayment the lien is automatically removed from the customer’s assets. In addition, customers can also choose the ‘Pay for what you use’ or ‘Overdraft’ feature to pay interest only for the lien marked units. For enhanced visibility customers and advisors can access complete reports to keep track of borrowing and repayment history.

  • Gives your clients the option to retain their assets by leveraging their existing Mutual Fund Portfolio, which ensures your (Mutual Fund AUM) remains intact.

  • Build stronger client relationships and enhance trust by offering the option to borrow and not redeem mutual fund assets.

  • Helps create an emergency access fund for your clients with DhanLAP’s ‘pay for what you use’ feature to get a quick loan.

  • Offers your clients an effective alternative to redemption (overcome LTCG and Exit load issues).

  • Makes it easier to promote mutual fund investments by specifying the benefits of access to a quick loan while retaining assets.

  • Seamless digital experience that simplifies the complete loan process. Platform supports all mutual fund schemes and all banks.

Advisors can bring their customers to DhanLAP’s website/mobile app through a link that will be embedded in the advisor’s website/mobile app.

We also support encrypted API integration from advisor website/app. This enables seamless one-time login and access from advisor website/app to DhanLAP’s website/app.

Loan applicants' mutual fund portfolio should not be less that 50k excluding ELSS and debt funds to be eligible for a loan with DhanLAP.

Aadhaar and PAN data should match.

Currently, ELSS and Debt funds are not accepted.

For an integrated, single window access to all investment information we recommend loan applicants to utilise MFCentral.

DhanLAP partners with Mutual Fund Companies and financial Advisors and Consultants.

For more details you can reach us here, or by call +91 9600031869